October 9, 2013

Pop & Place Tags Booklet

Stampin' Up! is really stepping up this year when it comes to kits and bundles available! Check out this newest addition: The Pop & Place booklet:

It is filled with die-cut shapes that are perfect for dressing up all your Christmas needs. Just add it to one of their cute boxes or bags for a quick gift idea. Or get creative and use them to make adorable Christmas cards- just add some cardstock of your choice.

Not only are these tags adorable- but there is a stamp set made just to match them. Isn't that awesome! You can get a bundle with the tag set and the stamps... or you can even get a kit with the tag set, stamps, and a small ink spot and clear block. Whatever your needs, there is a bundle for that!

HERE is the full product page with all the bundle choices available. Enjoy!

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