October 3, 2013

Oh My Gosh! LOVE the new MDS Print Options!!

Have you seen them yet? In the latest update to MDS they included two new print options for 5x7 (or 7x5) postcards. Can you hear me squealing in delight!!!

Aren't they just fabulous?!?! The scalloped edge gives the project just a little something extra

and the Artisian cut is to die for! Bet you know what my Christmas cards are going to look like this year :)

To create a project with these new cuts just start with a 5x7 (or 7x5) postcard, and in the page bleed options pick the scalloped or artisian edge. It will show you what the project will be cropped down to (although remember, page bleeds are approximate, so always design outside them a little- at least for your background paper).

Change your mind partway through the design? No big deal- just flip on over to the other page bleed option. Then, when you go to place your print order select the cut you want and - boom baby- cute, adorable postcards will be on their way!

What will be your first creation with these new options?

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