November 27, 2013

Daniel Tiger Cupcakes

What would a birthday party be without cute little cupcakes :)

I love cupcakes. They are so easy to make and then you can decorate them with cute little cupcake toppers. And don't you love the frosting on these? This summer I learned how to use icing tips- and it is SO EASY! I don't know why I was so scared of trying it out before- seriously... it looks nicer and is actually faster than trying to frost these bad boys with a butter knife. You've got to give it a try :)

But I digress. You came here to see paper crafts, not my baking :) So back to the toppers. Didn't they turn out adorable.

With MDS they are so easy to make. First you figure out what size you want them to be- I started with a circle that was slightly bigger than my scallop punch. Next I decorated them using my homemade Daniel Tiger DSP and the images I had found online. I wanted to add an individual touch to each of the characters- so I circled them with quotes geared towards a party (if you haven't given it a try yet, create a freeform line and attach a text box to it- the results are Grr-rific!). Then all I had to do was print them up and punch them out. And (depending on your size) you can usually get about 20 of these from a sheet.

I hope you give some customized cupcake toppers a try at your next party!

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November 26, 2013

Daniel Tiger Party Favors

We had an awesome time at Elli's 3rd birthday party. I hope you are enjoying hearing all about it (at least the crafty parts of it :) )

Today I want to share with you her party favors. I had seen on Etsy some cute little fry boxes filled with goodies for a party... and I thought "Hey, I can do that." Enter MDS- you know I love it :) - and out comes these adorable little party favors. I filled them up with crayons, reminiscent of the episode where Daniel Tiger goes to the crayon factory, and then printed up booklets of coloring pages for each of the kids ( has some wonderful printable coloring pages available).

Here is what it looks like inside and outside before folding:

I found the fry box template online and turned it into a stamp. If you look on the inside picture you should be able to see it there lightly. In order to fill it in with the DSP I actually set the entire background to the DSP, then overlaid a Freeform layer and colored the areas outside the stamp white. I didn't do the job of a perfectionist as you can see- I figured I was going to cut it out anyway so it didn't matter. Really the only reason to remove the outside areas was to save on ink :)

Want to make your own fry boxes? Subscribe to my blog via email and leave a comment on this post- then I'll send you your own copy of the stamp I used. Hope you enjoy!

Flutterby again soon. I've got a lot more Daniel Tiger Birthday to show you :)

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November 22, 2013

You can be a Tiger too...

... with this cute headband and tail. Won't your little Daniel Tiger fan just love them :)


Mine sure did! She saw me making these little cuties the night before her party- and insisted on wearing hers RIGHT AWAY! The next morning it was on again way before the party started and it didn't come off without prying :) She even put it on again on Sunday too! LOL what a little cutie.

Designing these in MDS was a cinch. I just used a variety of pretty standard punch shapes- rectangles, ovals, half circles, and a flower. I let the initial version be 'messy' with the parts I wanted to cut off hanging around like this:

But then so that I could fit more on the page and not waste so much space I decided to trim the extras off. In order to do this I exported the 'messy' version to a JPEG. Then, I designed a similar layout using rectangle and circle photoboxes. I grouped them all together and placed my JPEG inside (when you group photoboxes you can add one photo to the whole collection at once). It cropped out all the mess! I was then able to ungroup them and squish them together- it even left me enough room to make a copy of the back of the headband to use as a tail. Woo Hoo! So much fun :)

I hope you enjoyed today's idea!

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November 19, 2013

Get Ready for the Holiday Sale!

Did you know that this year Thanksgiving is the latest it can ever possibly be? True Fact!

So if you wait until after Thanksgiving to start your Christmas shopping then you are cutting yourself short on days. So, why not take advantage of the great savings Stampin' Up! is offering and get your holiday presents off to a good start :)

The sale starts tomorrow (November 20th) and runs thru December 2nd. So pick out some awesome products and save big!

Even better- shop the first day and get 40% off one of the doorbuster items! Woo Hoo! Happy Holidays :)

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November 15, 2013

Paper Stack One Sheet Wonder- Part 3

Here is the final card in this Mini One Sheet Wonder. All three cards have featured the Winter Frost Paper Stack and the Festive Flurry bundle.

After creating the first two cards you should be left with a strip of DSP that is 4.5" x 1.75". For this last card I shortened the 4.5" to be 4.25", and then I cut it length wise so I had one strip 0.75" wide and two 0.5" wide. I arranged these along the side of the card and added the two smaller snowflakes.

Top off with bling again and there you have it. Three cards from one sheet of the paper stack. And you used each of the snowflakes once as well (you should be able to cut all four from a half sheet of cardstock).

So what are you waiting for? It is time to get started on you Christmas cards now too! There are two different paper stacks to choose from- and then just add stamps of your choice. Enjoy!

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November 13, 2013

Paper Stack One Sheet Wonder- Part 2

Glad you fluttered back here to see card #2 from this mini One Sheet Wonder. Once again, it features the Winter Frost Paper Stack and the Festive Flurry bundle.

So, after making the first card you are still left with a piece of DSP that is 4.5" x 3.25". For the next card you are going to cut a strip that is 4.5" x 1.5", and then take said strip and cut it into three squares (all 1.5" x 1.5").

All you have to do then is tile them on a strip of Island Indigo (5.5" x 1.75") and add the second largest snowflake. Make sure to top it off with some bling again :)

For all the snowflakes in this Mini One Sheet Wonder series I used the Silver Encore Pad. It adds a nice shine to the flakes. Here is a close-up

Isn't that pretty. I do want to point out though- when adding rhinestones on top of this ink you have to use a glue dot underneath. The adhesive that comes with them just is not sticky enough to adhere to this particular type of ink. However, if there is a large open white area within the stamped image it will be just fine.

Stay tuned for card #3!

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November 11, 2013

Paper Stack One Sheet Wonder- Part 1

Have you seen the paper stacks that Stampin' Up! offers? They are these little paper pads cut at 4.5" x 6.5". That makes them the perfect size for a photo mat. But what else can you do with them? Well, I decided to revamp the idea of a One Sheet Wonder on these little babies. So now you can get 3 cards per sheet... and with 48 sheets per stack that is a lot of cards!

My cards feature the Winter Frost Paper Stack and the Festive Flurry bundle. I just love using snowflakes for Christmas cards. They are so pretty :) Here is the first of the three layouts:

For this card I cut the piece from the paper stack in half (so it is 4.5" x 3.25"). Then I dressed it up with the large snowflake and the Christmas greeting from the Tags 4 You stamp set. And to top it off I added a little bling :)

Flutterby again soon to see cards 2 & 3!

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November 8, 2013

Digital Scrapbooking Week- Day 8

Today is the final day of celebration. I'm going to miss this- how about you?

Last but not least for our 50% off deals is the Afternoon Daydream kit

Wow. This kit is absolutely packed with embellishments. And they are mostly butterflies. Can you tell I'm giddy :) As if there is no indication that I love butterflies...

I'm thinking this would make an adorable album for my daughter. Wouldn't that be cute?

Well, I hope you enjoyed Digital Scrapbooking week. I know I did. Great deals, great inspiration, and lots of reasons to do what I love.

Hope you flutterby again soon. Now back to our 'regularly scheduled' blog :)

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November 7, 2013

Autumn Traditions

My favorite season is fall- which is why I love today's kit. Anything that makes me think of Autumn gets an A+ in my books. The pumpkins, corn stalks, colorful leaves (they are my absolute favorite), and apple cider of the season just put me in a happy mood.

Anyway, I got today's half off download as soon as it came out. I absolutely needed those leaf punches :) and the papers were so yummy. Here is a page that I made with it way back when my little girl was actually little!

Isn't she just a doll :) You can't imagine how many pictures we took before we finally got lucky on this shot. But it was well worth the effort. The paper and stamps on this page are actually from the Autumn Spice kit, but the pile of leaves is the punches from today's download. Fun effect right?

And here is another sample from this kit. I actually made an entire album using this as a theme and it turned out so cute. This was one of my favorite pages though:

The colors here are slightly changed up from the original kit. I did that so that it would coordinate with some other papers I was using in the photobook. Do you like?

Can't believe Digital Scrapbook days are almost over. I'm going to miss this week.

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Digital Scrapbooking Week- Day 7

So I won't be buying today's download.... but that is because I already have it. And it is AWESOME.

Seriously. I based an entire album on this kit already. It is so wonderful. One of my favorite parts is the leaf punches- there are four of them! Sigh- I love fall :)

Alright. Tomorrow is the last day. Make sure you don't miss it :)

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November 6, 2013

Digital Scrapbooking Week- Day 6

I am so excited about today's 50% off download. It's a PHOTOBOOK template! I need as many of these as I can get. They make my scrapbooking go so much faster. And with two kids underfoot, FAST is something I need :)
The neon colors are so IN right now too. What do you think- do you like it?

Only two days left of this MDS extravaganza. Enjoy every last bit of it!

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November 5, 2013

Be Brave

Okay, so there is nothing particularly 'brave' about this page, but it does use today's "Be Brave" half price download. Although... it does take a pretty brave boy to wear his sister's flower headband like that :)

The mosaic look is very popular right now, and I'm jumping on this bandwagon. I really love it! In order to add the mosaic look to the background I stretched one of the pattern stamps to be the full size of the page. Then I took the two mosaic stamps and added a splattering of sizes and colors. Loving it!

Hope you enjoyed the update, and I hope you are taking advantage of the deals this week. Only a few days left to go- enjoy them!

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Digital Scrapbooking Week- Day 5

Have you joined the pocket card movement in scrapbooking yet? Today's deal may just make you give it a try :)

I love the mosaic look that goes in this kit. And I think my favorite part may just be the 'pockets' that they made to put tags in. What a great idea for the pocket scrapbooks- areas that you can move. Not sure why I hadn't thought of something like that already... but I like it :)

Make sure you don't miss a day of the celebration. Flutterby again tomorrow!

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November 4, 2013

Modern Medley

Hey there. I made it back again today! I had actually gotten today's 50% off download a long time ago when it first came out. I love anything that allows me to build my own backgrounds, so I have a lot of the overlay type stamp sets like this :)

In honor of today's deal though I used this kit to make another page for my calendar next year. This one is for February. Do you love it?

I'm really starting to get into using the freeform lines to make my words curve. It is so fun and gives the title some flair. And did you see the music notes in the background? They are from today's kit :) The hearts come from all sorts of places- I just did a global search for 'heart' in MDS and added a splattering of them :)

Hope you are enjoying these Digital Scrapbooking Days! Don't forget- as you use the deals from this week upload your samples to You just may win $20 in free downloads!

See you again soon.

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Digital Scrapbooking Week- Day 4

Like creating your own DSP? Then today's 50% off deal is for you.

It's got stripes, birds, music, houndstooth, and even quantrafoil. And most of the kit is stamps so you can add together whatever colors you want. Love this one :)

The week is halfway over already. Are you enjoying all the great deals and inspiration. Hope so! And I hope to see you tomorrow!

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November 3, 2013

Digital Scrapbooking Week- Day 3

Today's deal is all about you. No seriously, it is a photobook template meant to hold information all about you :)

What a great way to document a little about yourself. Let's all be honest- we like to scrapbook our children but rarely put much of us into the story. This on the other hand will be a great book for your kids to learn and remember all about you when they have grown. How fantastic.

Make sure you also head on over to the blog today. They've got a fun video of a scrapbook page being created from scratch (in fast motion of course).

This is likely it for me today- the LO kept us up last night to see both 1ams and 2ams (little stinker) and to top it off I caught the kids cold. So I think a nap for me is in order during their nap time today :)

See you tomorrow for more celebrations!

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November 2, 2013

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day

And I'm back. YES! I made it. I managed to put together this beauty during the kids naps (even though the LO was napping on me :)  ).

Do you see today's free download in the title? Love it? I think this stamp set is going to see a lot of use from me.

Sorry to keep this post short, but I've got to get moving. We have a Halloween party to be at in 15 minutes and the kids are still sleeping. YIKES! I hope fashionably late is acceptable at this kids shindig :)

Hope you flutterby again tomorrow!

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Digital Scrapbooking Week- Day 2

Today's 50% off download is super cute. 

So perfectly sweet for remembering the little girl in your life. Or it would make some excellent Valentine's Day projects. Check it out.

Also, today is "officially" Digital Scrapbooking day! And for a little extra celebration there is a FREE download over at Isn't it the best:

I absolutely LOVE it. I'm always looking for cute handwriting, so these will be awesome on my projects. Go get your own copy - and remember to do it today - HERE.

Make sure you don't miss a day of the of this exciting week. See you tomorrow (or maybe later today if I get some free moments from my kiddos to make a sample)!

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November 1, 2013


I'm back for more today! Hope I can do this a couple of times this week :) I just want to celebrate my MDS love.

Here is what I did with my Amped Up Ampersands kit. What do you think?

I took my own suggestion and copied one of the stamps over into the punches folder. That way I could fill it with DSP. I am LOVING how this page turned out. My little girly was so cute this day. It was one of the first times she really got to swim (and I think the first time she swam in a pool). She wasn't so sure at first, but by the end of the afternoon we had her jumping in :)

Can't wait for tomorrow. Make sure you visit for the free download. I'm so excited to see what it is!!!

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Digital Scrapbooking Week- Day 1

Have you checked out today's 50% off download yet? If not, here is your reminder :)
For all those "Ands" in your life :)

Some of the stamps in this kit would be sweet copied into the punches folder. Don't you just want to use a "&" cut from DSP (or a picture) in your next scrapbook!

Don't forget to stop by the blog today for more inspirational samples. AND a challenge- oh yeah! You could win $20 of free stuff if you make a project with this kit and upload it to the samples gallery (make sure to follow their tagging instructions). #Totally&Awesome

See you tomorrow for more MDS celebrations!

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