July 24, 2014

MDS Decor: Random Extras

You know me, not a party can go by without water bottle labels. They add that personal touch... and with a place to write the name it saves me from lots of half drank bottles at the end :)

Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of the finished bottles this time :( I was quite sad to find that they were blurry on my camera (and of course all drank so I couldn't retake). So you will just have to use your imagination as to what these would look like wrapped around a water bottle ;)

And what would a circus party be without clown noses? I had seen this idea on pinterest as well, and fell in love with the labeling. Isn't it fun!

Last but not least, I wanted a cute sign to hang on my son's high-chair... Okay, I'll admit my reasoning for this was to cover up the pink handle that isn't very manly (that's what he gets for having an older sister). The pink just didn't match his clown outfit ;) and this was much better.

And speaking of the birthday boy, want to see how he demolished his cake?

Thata boy! :) And here was the silly clown

I think she had more fun at the party then he did. And the fun rainbow tutu was of course thanks to Nana. She has the best grandma in the world :)

Hope you enjoyed this trip through our party. Flutterby again soon. Hopefully I won't stay away quite so long this time ;)

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July 22, 2014

MDS Decor: Birthday Banner

I absolutely LOVED how this turned out. I was inspired by a banner I had seen on pinterest, and though- hey I could make something really cute like that.

Instead of using the standard pennant shapes, this one used big scallop circles as the base. I had my mom cut those out for me using the big shot, and then I designed circles to go inside of them in MDS. Ready to see what it turned out like?

And then here's a little closer so you can see how it attaches together

I only wish that there had been a cuter backdrop to hang it outside ;)

I even printed up the animals multiple times so they could be 3D. They turned out so cute! Here check it out:

And one more:

Don't you love it :)

To attach all the circles together I punched holes in all the pieces and then attached them together with the white organza ribbon. My mom had brought chunks of all sorts of ribbon scraps that we then attached inbetween as well to give it more bursts of color. Perfect!

I've got just a couple more MDS projects left, so make sure you flutterby again!

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July 20, 2014

MDS Decor: Cupcake Toppers (?)

Prior to setting on cake I had been thinking of doing cupcakes for the guests. So I had created little scalloped cupcake toppers to dress them up. But then when I found the adorable cake (and bonus it came with a free smash cake for the 1st birthday boy) I had to find a new way to use the toppers...

While picking up plates & napkins from the party store I noticed mini red and white striped candy boxes and thought PERFECT! for serving the popcorn in. Of course I couldn't just leave them plain... oh no. They were also the perfect backdrop to attach the scalloped cupcake toppers to :)

Isn't that a fun little addition :) Here's another view, where you can see all the different designs I made:

I created this in MDS on a 12x12 sheet of paper, so I was able to get 6 rows of these little darlings. I had them printed up through Stampin' Up!'s print services and they turned out great! The paper they print on is a little heavier than your standard cardstock so these guys were 'fun' to punch out :)

 Hope you liked my alternate take on the cupcake toppers :) Flutterby again soon to see the more of my MDS creations!

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July 18, 2014

Carnival Food

Besides the show and all the animals, what is the best part about going to the circus? Why of course all the Yummy Food that you don't get anywhere else (well, these days with Amazon you can get them anytime I suppose... but traditionally it was simply fair food and a big treat!). Well, we channeled that yummy-ness at the party- right down to including a "Concessions" sign with the food. Isn't it terrific :)

And here are some pictures of the whole spread. Yummy yummy in my tummy.

And of course something to drink too, along with goodies for the guests:

I got the fun plastic popcorn boxes at target in the dollar section. I thought the kids would like them for movie nights :) And of course, we can't forget the cake. It was the highlight in 'center ring' :)

Believe it or not, that is a Madagascar cake :) I just told them to hold off putting the decorations on top. Instead I added some fun little fisher price animal toys we had lying around the house (seriously... I had to wash them between the floor and the cake ;)  ). And then for the backdrop I made a duplicate version of the invites in MDS, deleted out the center section with all the text, and printed it up. My mom even helped and added a tent door for a little extra effect. Overall it was super quick and oh so cute addition to the cake!

Flutterby again soon. There is still so much more to share.

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July 17, 2014


So sorry about my long hiatus. I can't believe it has been almost two months since I've posted some inspiration for you guys! I hope you won't hate me forever :) We've been struggling with sicknesses in our house (colds, hand foot and mouth in both kiddos, and my ongoing 'mystery' illness) and it has all left me feeling very drained. Throw in a couple of holidays, a birthday party, and quarter-end at work, and you've got a pretty good picture of my last two months. I haven't even had time to scrapbook (gasps!!!).

But I left you waiting on more inspiration from our Big Top Birthday party, so this week I'm going to bring you all the fun. Here is just a little teaser sample.

Isn't he just an adorable Birthday Boy! I can't believe he isn't a baby anymore (although his little sister is still convinced he is the 'baby').

Tune in tomorrow for some more :)

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