July 22, 2014

MDS Decor: Birthday Banner

I absolutely LOVED how this turned out. I was inspired by a banner I had seen on pinterest, and though- hey I could make something really cute like that.

Instead of using the standard pennant shapes, this one used big scallop circles as the base. I had my mom cut those out for me using the big shot, and then I designed circles to go inside of them in MDS. Ready to see what it turned out like?

And then here's a little closer so you can see how it attaches together

I only wish that there had been a cuter backdrop to hang it outside ;)

I even printed up the animals multiple times so they could be 3D. They turned out so cute! Here check it out:

And one more:

Don't you love it :)

To attach all the circles together I punched holes in all the pieces and then attached them together with the white organza ribbon. My mom had brought chunks of all sorts of ribbon scraps that we then attached inbetween as well to give it more bursts of color. Perfect!

I've got just a couple more MDS projects left, so make sure you flutterby again!

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