July 24, 2014

MDS Decor: Random Extras

You know me, not a party can go by without water bottle labels. They add that personal touch... and with a place to write the name it saves me from lots of half drank bottles at the end :)

Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of the finished bottles this time :( I was quite sad to find that they were blurry on my camera (and of course all drank so I couldn't retake). So you will just have to use your imagination as to what these would look like wrapped around a water bottle ;)

And what would a circus party be without clown noses? I had seen this idea on pinterest as well, and fell in love with the labeling. Isn't it fun!

Last but not least, I wanted a cute sign to hang on my son's high-chair... Okay, I'll admit my reasoning for this was to cover up the pink handle that isn't very manly (that's what he gets for having an older sister). The pink just didn't match his clown outfit ;) and this was much better.

And speaking of the birthday boy, want to see how he demolished his cake?

Thata boy! :) And here was the silly clown

I think she had more fun at the party then he did. And the fun rainbow tutu was of course thanks to Nana. She has the best grandma in the world :)

Hope you enjoyed this trip through our party. Flutterby again soon. Hopefully I won't stay away quite so long this time ;)

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