October 29, 2012

Dancin' on the Cupcakes

Now, of course we aren't going to dance on the cupcakes. But the Sesame Street gang is in their pretty tutus of course!

See the custom paper again! Love how we can do that :)

Once again the characters are from images I found online. I put them onto scalloped punches which I sized up to fit our newer 2 3/8 inch scalloped circle punch. I was happy that I could fit a full dozen on a page, PERFECT!

The cutest part was using multiple pieces of the tied ribbon (scaled down) to create little tutu's for all the characters. Do you like it too?!?

More to come! Flutterby soon.

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October 25, 2012

Birthday Bottle Labels

Dressing up water bottles is all the rage these days at parties. So of course I have follow suit :)

I used my custom stripy paper from the invites and added some label punches. I decided there needed to be a place to write the name of name of the owner (don't you hate how during a party you end up with all sorts of unclaimed bottles since people can't keep them straight :)  ). The sesame street faces came from online (once again I used photoshop to crop out the background). Finally I added a ruffled ribbon around the middle. MDS didn't have all the colors I've been using (daffodil, wasabi, pacific, and real red) but no fear, the recolor tool came to the rescue! Now they are ready to print and tape onto the bottles to serve.

Flutterby again soon. Up next, cupcake picks!

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October 21, 2012

Unique Birthday Party? MDS to the Rescue!

My daughter's second birthday is coming up. I can't believe she is getting so old! To celebrate her "2"s I wanted to have a 2-tu party. However, when I was honest with myself I knew that what would really excite her was an Elmo party. So.......

I decided to combine the too! Now, I highly doubt any store I could go to would have Elmo with a tutu on party supplies. So thank heavens for MDS!

Here is the adorable invite I created (5x7 postcard size):

I'm not sure where I found the font, but it is called Chalkduster. Isn't it just perfect for Elmo?! The Elmo image itself I found on the web by using a google image search and filtering only the large results. Of course it had a white background, so I had to use PSE to crop that out (and as long as I was in there I changed the colors to SU! colors... I know, I'm a geek like that). But everything else was done in MDS.

I created the custom stripy paper using square punches that I stretched, squished, and filled with primary colors. Best part is I saved it so I can use it over again in other projects for her party! Yay for being all matchy-matchy :)

I had so much fun making Elmo's tutu! It is pieces of the blossom petal punch. Go figure, a flower turned tutu (can't say the idea is mine... I saw it on pintrest on a ballerina card). I covered up the pointy part of the punches with an oval colored the same red as Elmo's belly, and then added a band of sparkly brads. Finally, I wanted Elmo's hand over the the tutu, so I made a copy of the embellishment and cropped it down to his had. Then I placed it in line with the original Elmo. Gotta love the new crop features in MDS2 :)

Hope you enjoyed today's post. Flutterby again soon for more of her party supplies.

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October 11, 2012

Hybrid Card (Part 3 of 3)

Here it is, the final product:

I decided to jazz up the top section of the z-fold with the lattice embossing folder. Then, it was just a matter of punching everything out and assembling. The punches used for this card are:
  • Scallop Trim Border
  • Scallop Trim Corner
  • Word Window
  • Modern Label
I really hope you enjoyed this processes and are inspired to make your own hybrid projects now! These were well received at the shoebox swap I brought them too- especially since most of the others there didn't know that MDS was so flexible :)

Flutterby again soon to see my favorite swaps that I got in return for this card!

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October 8, 2012

Hybrid Card (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome back as we continue designing our hybrid card. The next steps are cleaning up the overhanging stamps and preparing it for mass printing.

Remember how the two pieces of vanilla were added using punches? Well, I changed those punches to white and exported my project (I wanted a white background so it wouldn't try to "print" the vanilla color on the vanilla cardstock when I got to the printing stage). Then, I deleted off all the stamps and for the two (now white) punches I choose the fill with picture option. Then it was just a matter of navigating to the jpegs I had just created and centering the punches in the right location.

Yey! No more stamps hanging off the vanilla (white) paper :) Now I can see what my project will really look like!

Now for the really fancy part. I was using this card for a swap, so I wanted to print off my stamped portions multiple times, but I didn't want to use a sheet of paper for each of them (they were small enough to fit multiple to a page). So, I started a new project as an 11x8.5 and added two square punches and re-sized them so they were the same as in the card. Then, it was just a matter of filling these punches with the pictures like in the step above. I was able to fit 8 of the top piece onto a sheet of paper (I rotated them to achieve this), and 4 of the inside piece onto a sheet of paper.

Since I needed 12 of these babies for the swap I was in I needed a couple more of the top layer, and I decided to make use of the rest of the paper by printing all sorts of fall sayings, which I sized down to fit inside the word window punch. That way each person could pick whichever sentiment fit their needs best.

These were all printed off on Vanilla Cardstock. Feel free to save the jpegs above to print and make your own cards. I made sure to upload them full size so they would print nice for you! All I ask is that if you do so you leave me a comment letting me know how your card turned out :)

Flutterby again soon to see the final assembled product!

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October 4, 2012

Hybrid Card (Part 1 of 3)

MDS is for so much more than just digital scrapbooking. It is also great for making cards and having them printed through the professional services... or making party favors... or personalizing journals... even just designing the card before breaking out the "real" supplies... the possibilities are endless. In the next series of posts I want to show you how I used MDS to make a hybrid card!

Once my card was put together I wanted it to be a z-fold card. In case you aren't familiar with that term, that means that I cut my paper the long way, folded it in half and then folded the top portion back in half again so it forms a z shape (albeit with a very long bottom). So, in my digital version I showed this by adding cardstock as a layer to half of the top and dropping a shadow. Then I set out designing.

I liked the idea of having a layer ontop surrounded by the scallop trip border and edge punch, so I added that first (this would only be attached to the cardstock half on the left so the card opens nicely).  I also added a layer of vanilla under the top cardstock section to form what would be the inside of the card. Both pieces of vanilla are added as punches (you'll see why in part 2). Then I set out decorating it with the French Foliage stamp set. I didn't worry about the stamps "falling off the edge" because that will get fixed in the next step of the hybrid process.

As you can see, the inside right side of the card is the same as what you can see peeking out on the front. I pretty much designed it to look nice while closed, and then moved these elements to their own page so that we could see what just the inside would look like. The pretty fall colors I have here are Cajan Craze, More Mustard, Old Olive, and Early Espresso.

Flutterby again soon to see the next steps in the process!

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October 1, 2012

Frog Talk

I just adore this cute little card. The frog makes me smile, he's so cute!

I especially love the use of the chevron embossing folder on the background sheet. It picks up the pattern of the frog jumping and just plain meshes well with this card. The color scheme would be great for a little boy. It is hard to make masculine cards, so one for a boy is fantastic!

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