October 21, 2012

Unique Birthday Party? MDS to the Rescue!

My daughter's second birthday is coming up. I can't believe she is getting so old! To celebrate her "2"s I wanted to have a 2-tu party. However, when I was honest with myself I knew that what would really excite her was an Elmo party. So.......

I decided to combine the too! Now, I highly doubt any store I could go to would have Elmo with a tutu on party supplies. So thank heavens for MDS!

Here is the adorable invite I created (5x7 postcard size):

I'm not sure where I found the font, but it is called Chalkduster. Isn't it just perfect for Elmo?! The Elmo image itself I found on the web by using a google image search and filtering only the large results. Of course it had a white background, so I had to use PSE to crop that out (and as long as I was in there I changed the colors to SU! colors... I know, I'm a geek like that). But everything else was done in MDS.

I created the custom stripy paper using square punches that I stretched, squished, and filled with primary colors. Best part is I saved it so I can use it over again in other projects for her party! Yay for being all matchy-matchy :)

I had so much fun making Elmo's tutu! It is pieces of the blossom petal punch. Go figure, a flower turned tutu (can't say the idea is mine... I saw it on pintrest on a ballerina card). I covered up the pointy part of the punches with an oval colored the same red as Elmo's belly, and then added a band of sparkly brads. Finally, I wanted Elmo's hand over the the tutu, so I made a copy of the embellishment and cropped it down to his had. Then I placed it in line with the original Elmo. Gotta love the new crop features in MDS2 :)

Hope you enjoyed today's post. Flutterby again soon for more of her party supplies.

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