November 22, 2013

You can be a Tiger too...

... with this cute headband and tail. Won't your little Daniel Tiger fan just love them :)


Mine sure did! She saw me making these little cuties the night before her party- and insisted on wearing hers RIGHT AWAY! The next morning it was on again way before the party started and it didn't come off without prying :) She even put it on again on Sunday too! LOL what a little cutie.

Designing these in MDS was a cinch. I just used a variety of pretty standard punch shapes- rectangles, ovals, half circles, and a flower. I let the initial version be 'messy' with the parts I wanted to cut off hanging around like this:

But then so that I could fit more on the page and not waste so much space I decided to trim the extras off. In order to do this I exported the 'messy' version to a JPEG. Then, I designed a similar layout using rectangle and circle photoboxes. I grouped them all together and placed my JPEG inside (when you group photoboxes you can add one photo to the whole collection at once). It cropped out all the mess! I was then able to ungroup them and squish them together- it even left me enough room to make a copy of the back of the headband to use as a tail. Woo Hoo! So much fun :)

I hope you enjoyed today's idea!

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Chantel M said...

I totally love this idea and am going to use it for my daughter's 2nd birthday! Very cute, the kids will love it!