November 3, 2013

Digital Scrapbooking Week- Day 3

Today's deal is all about you. No seriously, it is a photobook template meant to hold information all about you :)

What a great way to document a little about yourself. Let's all be honest- we like to scrapbook our children but rarely put much of us into the story. This on the other hand will be a great book for your kids to learn and remember all about you when they have grown. How fantastic.

Make sure you also head on over to the blog today. They've got a fun video of a scrapbook page being created from scratch (in fast motion of course).

This is likely it for me today- the LO kept us up last night to see both 1ams and 2ams (little stinker) and to top it off I caught the kids cold. So I think a nap for me is in order during their nap time today :)

See you tomorrow for more celebrations!

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