November 26, 2013

Daniel Tiger Party Favors

We had an awesome time at Elli's 3rd birthday party. I hope you are enjoying hearing all about it (at least the crafty parts of it :) )

Today I want to share with you her party favors. I had seen on Etsy some cute little fry boxes filled with goodies for a party... and I thought "Hey, I can do that." Enter MDS- you know I love it :) - and out comes these adorable little party favors. I filled them up with crayons, reminiscent of the episode where Daniel Tiger goes to the crayon factory, and then printed up booklets of coloring pages for each of the kids ( has some wonderful printable coloring pages available).

Here is what it looks like inside and outside before folding:

I found the fry box template online and turned it into a stamp. If you look on the inside picture you should be able to see it there lightly. In order to fill it in with the DSP I actually set the entire background to the DSP, then overlaid a Freeform layer and colored the areas outside the stamp white. I didn't do the job of a perfectionist as you can see- I figured I was going to cut it out anyway so it didn't matter. Really the only reason to remove the outside areas was to save on ink :)

Want to make your own fry boxes? Subscribe to my blog via email and leave a comment on this post- then I'll send you your own copy of the stamp I used. Hope you enjoy!

Flutterby again soon. I've got a lot more Daniel Tiger Birthday to show you :)

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Unknown said...

I love your "fry" box for the crayons!! May I have it please? I'm so not creative!

Kelly Lynn Benson said...

I found love to make the fry box! We are having a Daniel Tiger Party this weekend for our twins.

Amber said...

So sorry I just saw these comments! I hope both your parties went well! Since the Daniel Tiger image is not my own I don't know the logistics of offering a printable sized document. But I would be happy to help with parts I am allowed to share in the future :)

Ashley said...

I'd love a copy of the fry boxes! Thanks!