October 16, 2013

Candy Corn Crafts

So I've seen these cute little 'sour cream' treat packets for years, but it just hit me that they look like little candy corn. Which couldn't be more appropriate with Halloween coming up later this month.

So I hit MDS to come up with a cute design for the paper. Loved the Spooky Bingo Bits stamp brush set for this :) Didn't they turn out cute-sie?

Here's how to make your own. First, grab my printable page HERE. Then cut it in half both directions to make four rectangles. Next, you will need some strong tape- I suggest sticky strip. That stuff is nice and strong. You are going to place the tape like this on the back side:

You don't have to be exact. Just make sure the tape goes along the entire length of one of the short sides, and then put it about halfway along the bottom and on the middle section of the top. Remove the backing from side and roll the paper into a tube. Next, pull the backing off the tape on the bottom and squish the two sides together. Fill'er up and then do the same with the top.

Last but not least, if you want the cute little folded look to the ends, run it through a crimper for a couple of turns. All your friends will be so impressed with your Halloween goodies! Don't you love it!

Flutterback soon for more Halloween fun :)

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