October 23, 2013

Craftin' with my Kiddo

As promised in my recent post, I stamped up a bunch of images for my daughter to color. She was so happy to be helping with another craft :) She colored on these on and off for a couple of days (one day she would say they were done, but the next she would say they needed more color) and then eventually we glued them together :)

She even picked the background paper and helped me punch out the border strips. Not to shabby for an almost three year old huh? She even picked pretty good colors for fall cards. And she was pretty good with the snail tape runner! I helped her keep it level, but she got the hang of putting a little in each corner pretty fast.

What kinds of crafts do you do with your kids? She'd love me to have more ideas for our preschool hour (that would be the morning time while the baby sleeps!)

Flutter back again soon.

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