October 1, 2015

For All Things Glittered Some More

Wow! Is it October already? What happened to september- I think it vanished right before my eyes!

Then again, maybe it was the weather that made it disappear. Here in lovely MN it has been a gorgeous late summer... in fact I feel like fall just started a few days ago. Most of the month was hot hot hot, so basically I stayed in summer mode I think until just this past week :)

Even last weekend was warm. My in-laws came to visit from out in Montana and stayed for a long weekend. My kids were thrilled to have them around since they don't get to see them much. And I think my father-in-law has as much energy as my kids (you know, the kind that you want to bottle up so you can save some for yourself and for later). So between the three of them they kept the rest of us trucking all weekend! We went to the apple orchard, pumpkin patch, zoo & conservatory, and then my hubby even went to a Vikings game with his dad. I was so thankful for the rest that day... but I was also coming down with a cold which kept me 'resting' for the next few days after. I still sound 'pretty' even today ;)

Since the fall weather seems to finally be back, it is easier to get into fall mode sharing these cards. I hoping you're loving the shiny take on the For All Things stamp set as much as I do!

I love the elements poking in from the side on this layout. Although one tip if trying to achieve this look- less is more. It is really easy to put to much on and make the edges look cluttered. Especially when you are adding multiple layers of images like this. My first take I had to ditch it and start over because I put on way to many ferns that the acorns just looked muddled. So- start with a light scatter. You can always fill in more later, but you can't ever take that ink away!

I thought that the cajun craze speckles from the Gorgeous Grunge stamp set were the perfect addition to this look. It helped balance out the gold flecks perfectly!

Flutterby again soon!

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