October 3, 2015

More Fall Glitz

Hope you're not getting sick of all this glitz yet, cause I'm not quite done ;)

I absolutely love the elegance of this card. Even my darling girly thought this one was BEAUTIFUL and wanted to make one of her own. (Note to self: still need to fulfill that promise once more linen thread arrives- I used it all up!!)

The oak leaves in the For All Things stamp set are really great for multiple stampings. Ink once- and then stamp at least two or three times before reinking. That will give you the lovely depths of tone you see along the edge of this card. If you were to stamp them all at full strength it would just start to look like a big blob of ink seeping in from the fold :) Also, it leaves lighter spots where you can add in the acorns and splatters and they will show up with much more contrast and beauty.

I'm so "grateful for you" stopping by today. Flutterby again soon!

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