October 5, 2015

Cleaning Up the Glitter

Here is my final glittered For All Things card.

Now I'm not usually a fussy-cutter, but I decided I could handle a little bit of cutting to get some 3-D ferns and acorns on this card. It gave it the pop that it needed to bring it to life. And, as long as you don't try to cut around every little leaf it isn't even to hard (and since I'm saying that you know it's got to be true!).

Once again I paired the Hello You thinlits with the sentiments from the For All Things stamp set. They both look like curvy flowing handwriting, and the size difference really makes the message jump out.

Now, if you haven't gotten your glitter out yet to try this technique- you've got to give it a go! Just grab an aqua painter, some Tombow glue, and gold/silver glitter; then SPLAT away! Forget how to get the splats- here's a review:
     *Fill aqua painter with water
     *Place a blob of glue in a small bowl (embellishment lids or paper plates work well)
     *Squeeze water out of the aqua painter and mix into the glue to get it runny
     *Pick up gluey substance with aqua painter and flick it onto your card
     *Sprinkle glitter onto the splatted surface, dump/tap card to get excess off
And with that you're done! Beautiful, messy, sparkled splats on your card.

Now- just incase you are thinking 'Ugh' about the glitter- I've got one more handy dandy tip for you. Wet wipes work GREAT for picking up glitter. I don't know why, and I only discovered it by accident (I was feeling to lazy to clean it up the normal way and there were wet wipes close by...) but man did it pick up all the glitter from the table in a flash. I'm used to finding glitter around for weeks after using it, but this picked it all up for me. **Insert shocked face**

Flutterby again soon!

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