June 3, 2015

Two the Rescue Invites

I've been planning for months to do a superhero party for Declan's 2nd birthday- 'Two the Rescue!'... you know I love a good pun :)

Of course then he had to go and fall in love with Elmo (aka Ah-mama in our house) and I knew that Sesame Street would be a theme he would enjoy more. So I smooshed the two together and got a Super Elmo. I figure that works right ;)

Once I had a theme the party planning started much as it always does- with an invite. You've got to get them printed right away and sent out after all! I love what I came up with using the Calling All Heros set. Just check out all it's awesomeness:

Sweet, no? The Super Grover flying across the background was all thanks to my hubby too. He told me I couldn't do superhero Sesame Street without including him. So in he went :)

And since it is Sesame Street there just had to be a theme letter and number of the day. Of course the choices were easy considering it was for Declan's 2nd Birthday.

Hope this inspires your own Superhero party creations.

Flutterby again soon!

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