June 8, 2015

Super Elmo Party Activities

The best part about a Superhero Party is that the kiddos can pretend to be superheroes themselves, so the activities we planned pretty much centered on this idea.

When the everyone had arrived, each kid received a red super cape. If you look on Pinterest there are all sorts of ideas how to do this. Some of which are VERY ELABORATE. But we chose to stay simple- rectangle of red shiny cloth cut, sticky velcro dots added to the top corners, and done. The kids loved it as much as they would have loved a fancy schmancy cape even ;)

Next, they got to make their way through the superhero training course.

Now although the decorations in the foreground of that picture are fun, I actually posted it for you to look at the background ;) My hubby set up the course for the kids through our back yard by weaving a hose for them to follow through some obstacles. There were gates, a tunnel, balls, baskets, pinwheels... the kiddos had a blast. They ran it over and over again giggling up a storm.

And here is the Birthday Boy with the pinwheel he stole from the course ;)

After supper the little ones also got to decorate some superhero masks. What kid doesn't like stickers after all- and big foam stickers that sparkle are even better. Superheroes to the Rescue! (Love their pose).

I also resurrected the big Sesame Street wall mural from when my DD turned two (they both liked Elmo at two). Perfect location for some family photographs.

And I couldn't send anyone home empty handed. Goodie bags for the kiddos and POPcorn for the adults. There's my punny humor again :)

Hope you enjoyed the Superhero party inspiration.

Flutterby again soon!

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