June 17, 2015

Project Life ScrAPPbooking

You can call it ScrAPPbooking, Phonebooking, Mobile Memory Keeping... whatever your preference. It doesn't have one go-to name yet, but I'm loving it!

Previously I loved the idea of it- using apps on the phone to scrapbook with. It is always with me, and I could pick away at my projects during those little bits of downtime instead of trying to sneak away to my computer to do it (which is not ever usually feasible with two littles at home). When the Project Life app came out I thought I was set... but it still was missing things I liked to do in person. Like adding text to a photo, or cutting up a couple photos smaller to cluster on one of the cards. It just wasn't quite satisfying for me yet, so I still didn't do it.

Then last week I watched a video that made my day. It introduced me to the app LetterGlow and now I am flying through my mobile photos getting all those little moments in a Project Life album! So what is so great about this app? It allows you to IMPORT embellishments from your camera roll or dropbox. Now, when they made it I'm sure the idea was to allow you to use .png file overlays on the picture you are working with (since they have their own overlays in the program in the spot you access this import feature). However, thinking outside the box I realized that it would allow me to use photos as an 'embellishment'. So now I can grab a PL card as the background 'photo', add my photo on top along with some cute journaling (which is what the app is really for) and I've got my cute card all ready to slide into the PL app. Done!

Here's the first page I created. Didn't it just turn out fun!

You can see that most of the work was done right in the PL app, except the bottom right hand card. For this card I used LetterGlow to add the picture to the pocket card along with the journaling. And that fun little arrow was right in the LetterGlow app to. So much fun!

I haven't had a change to print these out yet... but I'm very optimistic that they will turn out splended. Both the PL app and the LetterGlow app export a high resolution photo- so these shouldn't turn out pixelated. I'll keep you updated once I try a test print!

So will you join me in ScrAPPbooking? Would love to hear your take in the comments!

Flutterby again soon!

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