June 5, 2015

Super Elmo Party Food

Every Superhero party has to have SUPER food right? Here's what we served up for our guests:

  • Body Builder Burgers
  • Hero Hotdogs
  • Flying Flakes (Chips)
  • Power Pieces (Watermelon sticks)
  • Saber Swords (Carrot Sticks)
  • Caper Cookies
  • Costumed Confections (Cupcakes)

We were blessed with a beautiful day to sit outside and enjoy our new patio too. Perfect for the summer grilling menu!

I made name markers for all the festive food to match the theme from the invites. Here is a view of a couple of them.

Didn't those cupcakes just turn out cute too! I'm so glad I learned how to pipe frosting onto them- SO much EASIER than trying to spread it with a knife and it turns out way more impressive. If you've never tried it you have to for your next set of cupcakes.

And what party would be complete without water bottles- which have to have a spot to write down your name. If you follow me at all you know this is always on my to-do list for party creations ;)

Last, but not least, I made some cute embellishments to dress up the napkins and silverware. I attached them to a strip of 1" DSP that I wrapped around the bundle. In retrospect this was a silly thing for me to even have (recheck the menu- it's all Finger Food- what was I thinking even buying silverware) but they turned out so cute I just had to share anyway.

Superhero party games and activities yet to come. Flutterby again soon!

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