December 7, 2011

Letters to Santa: Take 2

I know you're just dying to see where the album went next, so let's just jump into the next set of pages.

Have I ever told you before how much I love the black and white papers from "Night and Day"? Okay, so I know that I have, but just to reiterate- they are awesome. By making them less opaque and changing the background color to a solid swatch you can essentially colorize the paper. So cool right! Well, there is a white/brown paper in the Letters to Santa DSP that works much the same way. WooHoo! Here is the first time that I used it (keep your eyes peeled and you'll see it show up again). The opacity is turned down to 10% and the background is Riding Hood Red. It makes a whole new look for the start of the page.

The next page is what I'm envisioning as the "Santa Photo" pages. Wouldn't these be cute for pictures of a kid sitting on Santa's lap whispering into his ear? The reindeer in the lower right corner is highly enlarged- however, since I have the opacity turned down so low it should act more as a watermark on the photo and not get to pixilated. I should also note, on the page above I also enlarged some of the snowflakes. From experience I can say that you can usually safely enlarge stamps some before the effects become noticable. I would not suggest making it any more than twice the original size though if you're keeping the opacity up.

HO HO HOpe you're enjoying the series so far.

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