December 20, 2011

Letters to Santa: It just keeps going, and going...

...but that's okay cause it's good stuff!

You're in for a real treat today, cause I think this is one of my favorite layouts. I just love the bright colors in it.

For this layout I combined a copy of page 8 with a copy of page 3. Do you see the resemblance? On the copy of page 8 I made a couple of quick changes- the background paper (hey, look, there it is again...), deleted the upper left picture and replaced it with an embellishment, made the lower left picture taller, and changed the title block to a journaling block.

On the copy of page 3 I removed the middle left and right pictures, added paper to the middle circle picture, and changed the background. Then I dressed up both of the pages with some embellishments and colored the picture frames to match. Once again, a really quick spread in very little time. Gotta love templates!

The next pages is what I envision as the Christmas letter/picutre spot. There really aren't any tricks here (except maybe to borrow the tree from the cover instead of recreating it) and I think that the picture is pretty self explanatory as to how it was all put together. I love the way the "stamp" paper border on the right hand side complements the area for the Christmas letter and just helps to pull the theme all together.

Hope you're having a great weekend. Only five more days until Christmas! Then I'll have pictures to fill up this album. Yippee!

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