April 6, 2015

How I'm Backing Up MDS: Part 3 Downloading Everything

In case you have missed this series thus far here is a recap:

Part 1- Includes a Digital Downloads Catalog. The steps in this post involve figuring out what content you have and selecting the downloads you still want to purchase before they are discontinued May 31st.
Part 2- A video to show you where your downloads manager is located.

Once you have completed these steps you are ready to Download Everything :)

Step 1:
You should at the very least download each piece of content twice- once for the platform you are on (Mac vs. Windows) and then again for the Other Applications option. The reason for the later is this: although MDS will continue to work for the time being, eventually you are going to want to update your operating system. Since there will be no program support at this time they will not be any updates that make it compatible with new operating systems, and so the program is likely to stop working at that point. However, if you have the download that allows you to use the content for other applications you will still be able to access it outside the program- that way your investment in images remains safe :)

Now, that said, I am personally going to download all three versions of each. That way if I ever switch to a different computer I will still have everything I need. At the moment I can't ever imagine myself leaving my Mac... but stranger things have happened and you never know.

Step 2:
Once you download each file you can tell the difference by looking at the extension type. Anything with a .dmg is a Mac installer, a .exe is a Windows installer, and a .zip file is for other applications. I'm separating them into respective folders, but you can organize in whatever manner you wish :)

Step 3:
Download the most up-to-date program upgrades. You can find them HERE.

Here is why you need this file: Imagine in the near future that your computer crashes and you have to reinstall programs. You would be able to reinstall MDS via your CD (or download if you bought it digitally- and backed it up in Step 2 above). However, this would give you the original version of the program. There have been A LOT of additions and improvements made since then, and you would be missing them all. However, with this file you can install the update and you will be right back to the final version of the software. So make sure you grab the one for your operating system... or both operating systems like me ;)

Here is a video that walks you through everything I have discussed today. Hope it helps you out!

Flutterby again soon.

I just learned of some additional software updates you will want if you had the original MDS program. You can grab them HERE. There is a software update (that you will install after the original software and before MDS2) and then some freebie cardstock Stampin' Up! had provided. Make sure to grab it before the 9th when the site is taken down!

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Cyndi said...

Hi Amber, question for you, if you know. If I back up MDS from my computer onto an external hard drive will it have all the updates etc. embedded within the full program? Just checking to see if I still need to download the program upgrades separately if I've backed up the full program onto the external hard drive. Thanks - & GREAT job on this by the way.

Amber said...

The short answer is yes- if you backup everything as a whole you 'should' be able to just copy it back to your computer like that.
However, I say 'should' because I've personally had this method fail with other programs when I've tried to use it to switch from an old computer to a new one (which it also should work for). So my personal suggestion would be to have the installers also available in case you need them... I'm in no way a computer expert though so maybe someone with more expertise would be able to make it work all the time :)

Unknown said...

Amber, the page you go to in this video is correct At the bottom of the page there is one other upgrade from the original mds program from 2009 it was version 1.10 for those who have this version.

I had been told to install the disc's then the upgrade 1.10.10 then install msd2 or mds2+ program and then the last upgrade with which you showed on your video. I hope this all made sense.

Thanks for emailing me it was your video I had seen and could not locate again. I'm a visual person and have a MAC as well.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Robin Boyer said...

Sorry last comment from Me Robin Boyer

Amber said...

Thank you so much Robin for your tip! I hadn't heard that before, but I will be sure to add it above and let everyone I know backing up their system know about it too :)