March 25, 2015

How I'm Backing Up MDS: Part 1 Content Catalog

As promised here is my first post on how I'm going about backing up my MDS program and downloads. I'm not a tech expert- so I can't promise that this is the 'best' way- but hopefully if you are overwhelmed and don't know where to start this will help you out.

I realized that before I even began my back-up process I wanted to have an inventory of what I have and make any of my final purchases for the program (since I will want them backed up too). I figure this is a pretty big task in and of itself, so I've decided that will be Part 1

Step 1: Download this MDS content catalog (click on the image and save to your computer).

I created this document (I'm sharing with you- you're welcome!) to be an MDS catalog that contains all the downloads in the Stampin' Up! store. The downloads are categorized just as they are on the Stampin' Up site. Two things to note: there are a handful of duplicates in here (items that made it into more than one category) which you should watch out for. Also, in the E-cutter category there were only two items that weren't in any other category- so I only included those two on here instead of creating a plethora of duplicates :)

Step 2: Identify all the downloads you have.

For this next step I used the catalog above and highlighted all of the items that I have. I looked at the content that came with the original program and the second generation. (Click on the links to see the content included with each)

Next, I looked at what was on the content discs that I bought (these were offered in the first year or two after MDS came out).

Then I headed over to my download manager and highlighted all of the items that I had previously bought outside of the program. If you don't know where your download manager is stay tuned- I will post a quick video of where to find it once I get my voice back :)

Step 3: Decide what final purchases you want to make.

Now that I know what I have from the MDS catalog I am in the process of deciding what final downloads I want to get. This is the hard part. My wish list is HUGE. Yikes :)

Do you have any final 'must have' downloads before they are discontinued at the end of May? Chime in and let me know what are the favorites on your list. And don't forget to look within the ensembles and kits for any hidden gems such as punches or templates!

If you want to show your "Thanks" to me for helping you through this process I would really appreciate it if you picked me, Amber Swift, as your demonstrator when you make your final MDS purchases. Thanks for the support!

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Shelley said...

Uh... WOW! Thank you for all that amazing work! Now to figure out how to highlight what I might have (wants are a lot more lol)and want without printing 101 amazing pages. That was a LOT of work (so excited with the pictures) and I, for one, appreciate it! Big hugs to you, Amber!

Amber said...

You are so welcome. I personally opened the document in a pdf viewer on my iPad (called goodnotes) and then used the highlighter for things I had and a big red circle for the things I want. If you don't have that app (or an iPad) I know there are a lot of different pdf viewers for different machines. That would probably be the best option without printing it out.

Shelley said...

Wuv you more! Googled to find out and low and behold it's simple as you didn't "lock down" the document for "comments". YIPPEE. So for anyone reading this... just open the pdf, save as another name so as not to mess up the original, and then open the comment bar on far right top and away you go :-). Thanks Amber. You're the bestest!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Amber!

Roxy Jones said...

Amber - your PDF file is fabulous - I was dreading going through them all and looking at them so I could figure out how many I really had to get.

This is a blessing. Thanks a million.

Roxy Jones