April 27, 2015

April Paper Pumpkin

Have you seen this month's Paper Pumpkin yet? It is so cute!

The day it arrived my mini crafter helped me make up a set of the tags. Aren't they just cute! She was so excited- I even let her ink up her own stamps and scatter it about the card to her hearts content. She has been carrying our projects around with her and hanging them all over the house :)

Here is an shot of my card out of it's hanger. So sweet looking right :)

Just a little over a week ago I attended the Creative Connections event for MN demos and it was a blast! They showed how to make a pop-up card for one of the demonstrations, and I thought the idea would work perfectly with this kit. Here is how it turned out (with the help of my tiniest crafter- less than 2!)

Closed all you can see is the little hey message poking out. But then you pull up on the message and TA DA!

It can stand on it's own :) Isn't that adorable!

To recreate this look score your card ever 1 1/4" from the center fold. In the center cut all but the outside 1/4"- then slide your stamped sheet through this slit.

Proceed to fold at all the scoremarks inward- then glue the outermost two panels together with the bottom edge of your stamped sheet between them. Then all you have to do is embellish as desired! I found that the belly band from the tag was just the right length to decorate the three front panels (the middle strip is much shorter, but you can't tell with the bow over the end).

Hope you enjoyed this new idea for your PP this month. Flutterby again soon!

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