August 28, 2013

Summer Fun

As promised I'm here to tell you about my summer vacation album. This one was even easier to do than the Christmas photobook because I liked the template and colors already so there was far less swapping of elements!

However, there was one hitch- I like square albums... and this one was set up as an 11 x 8 1/2. Well, no worries... MDS can fix that now! Here is what one of the page spreads looked like originally

But then... Da-da-da-da... MDS to the rescue to change the size. Just go to Edit > Change Project Size/Type and choose 12x12. The conversion isn't perfect, but it just takes a little cleaning up afterwards. And then I had this page!

Ain't it cute?!? On this layout I used the extra space I got to add a title and more journaling. Some pages I enlarged the pictures to take up more of the blank space. It just depended on what I felt like for that layout :)

Here is another one of my favorite layouts from the book. You see, my Grandma is always sending us pictures of the sunset... so we decided to play a little joke on her this evening. First my mom sent her a picture of the sunset. And then I sent a picture of her taking a picture of the sunset... and then my brother sent a picture of my mom and I taking pictures... well you get the idea!

The 1, 2, 3, 4 Enjoy the Moment theme worked so well for this page. I was super excited to put it together and thrilled with how it turned out. The colors of the theme work really well with the sunset pictures too :)

Have a great day and make sure you catch a sunset yourself before summer is over! Flutterby again soon!

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