April 22, 2013

SVG File Format

Are you confused about the new "SVG" style stamp sets? If so you are not alone. But here is what you need to know- when StampinUp! decided that the majority of their stamp brush sets would have the .svg file extension it was a happy day for digital designers :)

So, why are these files so fantastic? Well, SVG file types are completely scalable- which means you can make them as big as you want without having to worry about pixelation! Isn't that the best news ever!

But wait, there's more. Perhaps my favorite trick is that now you can turn a stamp into a punch. WHAT WAS THAT?!? Yes, you heard me right. StampinUp has always used the .svg format for their punches, so now that the stamps are in this format they can also function as punches!! All you have to do is place a copy of the stamp file in your punches folder and ABRACADABRA the magic happens.

So now have SVG files completely changed the way you think about designing in MDS? I hope you can think of all sorts of new uses for this fantastic upgrade from StampinUp!

For more details, check out the video I shot to explain the new file format to you. Grab some popcorn and enjoy :)

Flutterby again soon. I've got a cool new trick to show you, made possible by SVG file types :)

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