April 1, 2013

Coloring a Stamp Multiple Colors

One of the amazing upgrades they put in the new MDS program was the ability to color a stamp multiple colors. In the "real" craft world this would be equivalent to taking a marker to a stamp instead of an ink pad. With the original program this was just not possible to do without a lot of effort and hassle, so I am so thrilled they made it work now!

Just check out this page from my Christmas album. See the sweet little ornament in the title? That isn't an embellishment- it is a stamp that I colored just the way I wanted it!

To see how it is done just check out this weeks video.

Now it's your turn. What stamps will you color in MDS? Flutter back soon!

Recipe card (with links):
Keep this Memory Photobook Template
Be of Good Cheer Digital Kit
Something for Christmas Stamp Brush Set

If you don't already have a demonstrator pick me (Amber Swift) to ensure you get the preferred prices! 

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