April 24, 2013

Digital Kissing Technique

I've got quite the treat for you today! Do you know about the "kissing" technique for stamping? If not it is essentially this: You take a bold image stamp and ink it up in a light color and then you take a patterned stamp and ink it up in a dark color. You then press the two stamps together to transfer some of the patterned ink onto the bold image stamp, which you can then stamp onto your paper. Patsy Waggoner has a great example and video of this technique HERE if you want to see.

So where am I going with all this... wait for it... I figured out how to do it DIGITALLY! Yes, that is right. You can now use the kissing technique in MDS (squeal!).

The main trick to this technique is that the "bold" image must be in the new svg stamp format. Here is an example using the "Meant to Be" kit to create an elegant wedding card:

The flourish on the doves is done using this new technique. Cool right?! It is even an improvement over the "real" rubber stamp technique because you don't have to worry about which ink is light or dark ;)

So do you want to learn how to "kiss" too? Then watch this video.... and don't worry- it is approved for all audiences ;)

Flutterby again soon for more crafting inspiration!

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