March 2, 2013

St Patty's Day Frame

My mom told me about this adorable little girl's shirt that said "I'm pretty, my mom is pretty, my dad is lucky!" Isn't that a fun saying for St Patty's Day :)

Well, I decided to do my own take on the saying and turn it into a mat for a picture frame:

Didn't it just turn out fun :) I'm thinking I'll print this up for my hubby to have at work.

Like it? You're in "luck" because I made a copy just for you. It is a .png file (which means it doesn't have to be square- in this case the middle is actually cut out to put your own picture in). If you have MDS you will use it like an embellishment- otherwise you can have it printed and cut the middle out of your sheet by hand and put a 5x7 photo behind it.  Click HERE to get the file.

Want to make something similar yourself? Follow the recipe below :)

Flutterby again, and I hope your month is Lucky!

Recipe card (with links):
Natural Composition Overlay
Lucky Framable Template (shamrock and lucky stamps)

If you don't already have a demonstrator pick me (Amber Swift) to ensure you get the preferred prices!

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