March 3, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now...

... that StampinUp is introducing truly clear stamps! Yes you heard me right- not just the blocks are clear this time :)

For those of you unaware of the history behind this decision here it is... You see, StampinUp has been well aware of the availability of clear (aka acrylic) stamps for many, many years. However, their quality has not been up to StampinUp's par. Acrylic stamps have been know to not give clear images, cloud up over time, or even become brittle. Therefore, StampinUp has remained true to the original rubber form for their stamp sets.

Fast forward to now. After much research StampinUp has found a durable product they can support- photopolymer stamps! This material is so great because it is durable, made to last, and has been age tested so they won't discolor with time.

Sound great? Then head on over to the online store and pick up your Designer Typeset Photopolymer Stamps. Based on the popularity of the program they plan to release more and more stamp sets- so make sure to show them how much you love this new product!

If you don't already have a demonstrator pick me (Amber Swift) to ensure you get the preferred prices!

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