March 24, 2013


Ever heard of a Smashbook? Until recently neither had I :)

The idea behind them is this- life is fast and full of memories that you collect along the way. Wouldn't it be great if you could keep track of them as fast as they occur? Enter the Smashbook!

Kinda like a scrapbook, but smaller with way less emphasis on pictures. As you go through your day/life/trip you collect things to put in it - documenting your memories as they happen. Ticket stubs from a memorable event, notes that you got from a friend, thoughts you jotted down after visiting a new place. You then 'smash' everything together in your handy little book of memories. Of course you can leave room to go back and add pictures later too if you choose :)

Sounds like a cool idea right? Well, StampinUp has just released a new line of products just for this purpose! It is called "This and That" and you can see it here.  It is packed with fun papers, stickers, washi tape, and a journal perfect for the project. And I love the little rotary stamp that lets you indicate the day everything happened. How fun!

Want to see it all in action? Check out the cool video:

Want to give it a try? Until April 30th all the products are available as a bundle at 15% the individual prices! So go grab your own kit and get smashing!

If you don't already have a demonstrator pick me (Amber Swift) to ensure you get the preferred prices!

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