June 29, 2016

Swirly Tree

I am in love with the Swirly Bird bundle. There are just so many possibilities to explore. I crammed a ton of them into this month's class (and I've seen sooooo many more than this).

Now, just looking at the framelits, I would not have come up with this idea on my own. But I saw the cute tree on Pinterest and now I can't see this leafy swirl without seeing a tree :) It is the perfect size to coordinate with the tree builder punch trunk.

This was also my first time breaking out 'real' watercolor paper. I've always done my watercoloring on white cardstock before, but this time I tried out the real thing. So Pretty! I'm gonna have to start using this paper more often :) The watercolor look on it just turns out so much better.

Once again I used the fun new in-color ribbon. I ran some fast fuse along the edge of the card and folded the ribbon back and forth on it to create the ruffles. For the ones that wanted to stand straight up I also added some fast fuse on the bottom side of the ruffle to stick it down flat.

Flutterby again soon!

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JenniferE said...

Love your card. Great tree!