June 27, 2016

Sand & Sunshine Digi Kit

So, in a prior post I had alluded to the fact that I'm taking a class where I learn how to do some digital designing.

I. Am. Loving. It!!

I still doubt I will have time to actually become a 'real' designer and sell in a store, but making this kit has been seriously fun. And best part (for you) is that it will be available after class at SNP for free :)

So, now that I can really start to see my stuff coming together, I wanted to share with you some snippets of what I've been making.

First step, pick out a kit theme and color scheme.

And check :) Loving these colors and planning to make a lake beach theme to go around with them. Bet you can't wait to see more!

Flutterby again soon!

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