January 26, 2015

Using a Stamp as a Punch

I want to let you in on a secret about the .svg style stamps (which are any of the new ones- so long as they are not super granular). You can use most of these as a punch as well!

Here's a page from my Christmas Album that demonstrates this:

The Merry Christmas title comes from the Merry Woodcuts kit. This kit comes with both woodcut embellishments and stamps to match. I toyed around with using the woodcut on this page, but it was just to pale for my personal preference. So then I decided to have a little fun :)

I added it as a stamp in the Crumb Cake color, and then covered it with a chevron background stamp in Chocolate Chip. However, as you can see, I 'cropped' the chevron punch to only show where it was  above my stamp.

In order to do this I went out to where my stamp was stored on my harddrive and copied it into my punches folder. Then, on the stamp I did a crop to shape option- picking the "punch" I had just created! After that all it took was a little playing to line them up together the same size :)

Such a cool feature to give your solid stamps a little texture- like the rubber stamp 'kissing' technique!

I featured this in a video awhile back that you can see HERE as well :)

Flutterby again soon!

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