December 10, 2014

Pony Party Food

Know what happens when a tummy bug goes through the house? Well, what doesn't happen is blogging apparently!  But today I FINALLY bring you some more My Little Pony party pictures!

For the food I tried to choose something related to each character in the show. I whipped up cute little name cards in MDS for each of the dishes. I think for the most part these pictures speak for themselves- except perhaps Rarity's curls since it is hard to see in the picture that it is homemade mac and cheese made with curly noodles (YUM!).

Enjoy- and flutterby again soon!

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Jina said...

Thanks for the ideas! You did fabulous on these, love the cards! Do you have them available for me to print out? Also, what did you use for the Curly Mane? I see noodles, but what else was in it?


Amber said...

Thanks so much for the compliments! I'm not sure about the logistics of uploading printable cards- since the Pony images are not my own. I could send the cards without the pony images and you could add those yourself if that helps out :)
The "curly mane" dish was just homemade mac & cheese using the spirally noodles (I did also add chicken and peas to make it a little more grown up for all the adults that had to eat it too).
Hope your Pony Party goes well!

Anonymous said...

I am getting ready to have a My Little Pony party for my daughter this weekend. Would you mind sharing what font you used for the cards? Thank you!

Amber said...

It was a Creating Keepsakes freebie I had gotten awhile ago called Hustle (CK Hustle). Hope that helps out!

Anonymous said...

What's the recipe for pinky pie punch ?