October 20, 2014

There was a Pumpkin in my Mailbox!

And no, it wasn't the orange round kind :) As much as I LOVE those types of pumpkins (in fact there are 4 on my porch right now- I love fall decor!) THIS pumpkin was much more fun.

This pumpkin meant playtime for me and my girly on Saturday afternoon. I think it is awesome that these projects are designed with a beginner in mind- which makes them great for kids to help out. And yet even though they are simple, they are also super cute! And with pinterest there are so many other ideas for what you can do with your kit if you want to step it up even more.

This month's kit was geared towards Thanksgiving next month. Check out the super cute stamp set. My favorite is the one on the right :) If only it were true!

And the project was.... Pie Boxes! Complete with a pom-pom puff for the 'whipped cream'. Here are our completed boxes. Adorbs right?

And I just couldn't resist a selfie. Elli LOVES taking selfies (actually both of my kids do- and if they get their hands on my phone will take them 50+ at a time... Yikes!). Can't you just tell this girl loves craft time with her Mommy. Thank you Paper Pumpkin for making that possible :)

Flutterby again soon!

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