April 23, 2014

Birthday Butterflies

You know you are getting older when your birthday celebration has more to do with your kids than you. This year, to celebrate our birthdays (my husband and I are only 4 days apart, give or take a year...) we had take-out food at home and then went to a kids jungle gym. Yup- I'm getting old :) but that is okay. It was a fun birthday and I love seeing my kids run around with big goofy smiles on their faces!

And of course, what would a birthday be without pretty hand-stamped cards from my Mom. Can you tell she knows I love butterflies :)

And I've got a trick to share with you about this card. See that square in the background? Wondering how to do it? It's not a stamp- but actually just a clear block :) Doesn't it give a cool effect! Just ink up the block and use it like a stamp (if you are using a darker ink make sure to stamp it off once first or it will be too dark for the card). It creates a nice little base on the card to stamp your image over and really makes it pop. Fun trick for you to try on your next card!

My mom always likes to decorate the inside of a card as well. Isn't it sweet- it matches the front so cute :)

Hope you have a fantastic day! Flutter back soon!

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