April 8, 2014

A Pot of Spring Flowers

After last weeks snowstorm the weather finally shaped up and spring is (hopefully this time) here to stay. Bring on the 60* degree weather! It is a wet, muddy mess out there, but I'll take it over the gobs and gobs of snow we suffered through all winter. And when that much snow melts this fast it is bound to be muddy for awhile right :) So I say hello mud, goodbye snow!

So, in honor of the beautiful weather we are having, I'm bringing you some spring flowers today. I actually made this last summer with my mom- isn't this a fun card? It certainly breaks the mold of a flat fold :)

The bottom 'pot' of the card is a piece of cardstock folded in half (to form a pocket) that was then trimmed at an angle to give it the pot shape. Then there is a small tag that slides into the pocket- the top of which is decorated to look like the flowers in the pot. So when you pull on the flowers the message slides right out, see:

There are tons of ways you could decorate up this card, especially with all the flower/punch combos in the catalog. We used the Secret Garden stamps and matching framelits. Instead of coloring the flowers we just stamped them on scraps of DSP- what an easy and fast way to add color (and if you know me, you know I despise images I have to color in myself- I'm just not talented in that way).

IMPORTANT TIP- while assembling this card, have it laying ontop of the envelope you wish to put it in. That way you can be sure you keep the flowers low enough to the pot that it will fit! I learned this the hard way and had to rearrange my 'flower arrangement'. Opps :) So learn from my mistake, and take that tip right from the get go (ps you can thank my mom for that little gem!).

Flutterby again soon!

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