February 9, 2014

Escape Your Winter Blues- 'Small' 3-D projects

Wow- yesterday was a whirlwind. We had 21 fine ladies crafting with us at our stamp camp, just look at all the fun :)

So what did we make? Well let me take you on a tour of our projects :) I'll begin with the 'small' 3-D objects that the women got to make.

First, there were the washi tape candles. All you need is some washi tape and little votive candles. Just wrap a small piece of the tape around the candle's base. If the tape is too wide, the extra can be flattened around the end onto the bottom. Simple and cute!

Next we had the favor ideas table. They got to make a little nugget holder and a Rolo flower. The nugget holder uses the new Scalloped Tag Topper punch. With this new punch you can cut a strip of paper to whatever length you want a tag to be, and then add a cute end to it (or in this case we punched both ends and wrapped it up around the chocolate nugget).

The Rolo flower uses the Mixed Bunch stamp set and the Petite Petals stamp set, as well as their matching punches. Do you see the small flower? If not look closely at the little butterfly.... yup that's right there it is :) The antenna is really just one of the petals with a triangle cut out of the middle of it. Isn't he cute!!!

There is so much more that we made, but it will take awhile to show it all to you (either that or a REALLY LONG blog post!). Hope you flutterby again soon to see some more :)

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