February 2, 2014

Elli's Valentines

I love giving my kids 'treats' that are actually healthy (just don't tell them that- they think I'm giving in to dessert all the time ;) ).

One of my daughter's favorites is the GoGo Squeez Applesauce packets. Seriously, these things are pretty awesome. They taste fantastic (yes, I've tried a couple on occasion) but are 100% fruit. No extra sugar added. WooHoo! That's the best a mama can ask for :)

Well, since she loves them so much I thought- hey, why not use them for her Valentines. I bet all the kids would love a little V-day squeeze. So I whipped up these MDS tags to tie onto them. Didn't they turn out cute!

And here they are after she helped me tie them on. I bet she is going to have a blast giving these to her friends at daycare.

Bonus- do you want to make some too? Just click HERE for the printable. Enjoy!

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