January 10, 2014

Simple Scrapbook Layout

Today I wanted to share another page spread from my Glacier Vacation photobook. This is a really simple layout that really allows the pictures to be the main focus. And with these pictures that is exactly what I was looking for.

The page didn't look quite 'done' without the star embellishments added. But just a little sure can go a long way.

Also, I want you to take note of the drop shadow on the yellow lettering. It really isn't noticeable until you look directly for it, but without it those letters really get lost in the design of the DSP behind them. So if you are ever having trouble getting your titles or journaling to show better just give this a try. All I usually do is add a drop shadow (usually with the opacity turned up- but you will need to play with this based on your specific DSP underneath) and I color the shadow to actually blend with the paper behind it. This creates just enough of a haze by the letters that they show up better- without being a black 'here I am' kind of shadow.

Hope that helps you out. Give it a try on your next layout and let me know how it goes :)

Flutterby again for more inspiration.

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