January 30, 2014

Sale-a-bration Sampler Card

When I got the Sale-a-bration download I just knew what I had to do with it first. I've been seeing these cute little sampler cards all over the place and I wanted to design one just for Sale-a-Bration!

After making this little bad boy I can tell you one thing- designing one of these is intense! You want to make sure they all 'go' together, but at the same time each one has to be unique and stand out on its own. Striking that balance can be a challenge sometimes. Regardless- it was a TON of FUN designing each of these little squares :)

And now that all the design work is done I have three options: #1 print it up through print services, #2 break it into pieces and print it to be assembled as a hybrid card, or #3 create it from 'real' supplies (because I used everything at it's true size that is an option- yippee). Well, since there is little difference in the final product between #2 and #3 (and I don't have all the 'real' supplies) I decided to go with the hybrid card. But.....

You'll have to flutterback later to see it :)
I'm such a tease!

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