September 4, 2013

Customized Stickers

Did you know that Avery makes little round printable stickers?? I didn't until I was looking for printable sticker paper the other day and found them instead.

I thought "SWEET" since I wanted something to seal envelopes with (who really wants to lick shut tons and tons of birth announcements). I was originally going to punch out stickers from a large sheet of sticker paper... but this was even easier!

I was so excited! I created this cute little monogrammed whale sticker to shut all the envelopes.

Fun right? The sheets have 6 round stickers on them and print on the 4x6 photo setting of my printer. I loved the special touch they added to the envelopes :)

Flutterby again soon. Up next- more Mosaic Love!

Recipe card: 
Sunshine and Sprinkles Ensemble

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