September 16, 2013

Baptism Thank You Card

Along with the invites for Declan's baptism I also made Thank Yous to send to the friends and family that showered him with gifts on that special day. Didn't they just turn out sweet!

Couple of tricks here I can tell you about. First, in order to get the glowing look I took the cross stamp and added a white drop shadow with full opacity and a large blur. Then, I copied and pasted it in place MANY times! Each time the shadow showed up more and more and it's reach got larger on the paper. This is a fun trick you can do with all sorts of stamps.

Next, in order to make the scrolls on the cross red I colored the top most stamp. I started with the brown color and then just added in the red details while in the coloring tool.

Last but not least I wanted to fill in the circles and the ring around the middle of the cross red. In order to achieve this I removed the shadow from the top most stamp. Then I added a freeform brush layer and colored in the areas I wanted red (you don't have to be perfect in this step- it is okay to cover some of the lines, just don't go outside them). Once I was done coloring I went to my layers panel and moved the freeform layer down one so that it rested under the top cross stamp (which is why the shadow needed to be removed from that one).

Hope you enjoyed today's tricks. Have a great week and flutter back again soon!

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