August 23, 2012

Two Cool MDS Tricks Today!

As promised, more pages from my vacation album :)

For this first page I wanted some elegant eggplant DSP that would match my theme. But no such luck in the kits that I started with. So I made my own! On a blank page I set the background color to eggplant and then started adding stamps from the Day of Gratitude stamp set. I decided I liked the big one the best, so I layered that all over the page in black. Lastly, I selected all the stamps and turned down the opacity until the black started to look like a darker version of the elegant eggplant- as if stamped in a versamark. Brilliant! Tone on tone DSP to match my project :) All I had to do now was export it to a .jpeg and use it like a picture.

I love this next layout. It is so simple and clean, and when I saw it I new I wanted to replicate it in my album. I will also call your attention to the pinecones in the corner (you may want to open the picture up by clicking on it to see them bigger). I started this corner splash out with the pine branches, berries, and pinecones all just stamped on- but I immediately noticed that the pinecones seemed to get lost in the busyness of it. So, in order to make them stand out better I colored them a darker brown and then put a light brown shadow on them (centered and at full opacity with only a tiny blur). I then copied and pasted them in place until I got the "shadow" to fully fill in the open areas in the pinecone so that the branches behind would not be seen through. This is a nice way to make it look like you stamped something on another sheet of paper and cut it out before putting it on the scrapbook page.

Hope you enjoyed todays pictures. Flutter back soon!

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