August 8, 2012


I was on vacation recently, and was able to use the time to finish up my album from Branson! So excited to have these printed for the three families! So, in honor of a completed album I'll share extra pages with you today :)

 This was my title page. I was so disappointed to get back from vacation and find out that we had forgotten to take a group picture. So, instead of doing another collage like the cover this is what I came up with. Love, love, LOVE the Fifty Nifty kit with all the state punches. I had put this suggestion into the Sandbox (a place for demonstrators to leave suggestions for Stampin Up) and they actually took my idea! Proud moment for me :)

This was one of my "random" pages in the album. I'm big on two page layouts, but when I don't have enough photos for one I have to try to fit two separate pages together. I'm fairly happy with how this mismatch turned out. And I had a ton of fun making the little punch art lighthouse on the second page. Took me quite awhile, but it was so worth the effort :)

Last but not least was our visit to the College of the Ozarks. Did you know that students graduate from this university debt free?!? I thought that was pretty cool. They had this pretty little pond near the front of the campus with swans in it- did you know that they have feathers growing out of their nostrils? Neither did I until then, but I found it quite interesting.  Also, they had these little aquifers popping up all over campus, so it was lined with little rivers all over. Elli loved playing in the freezing cold water, such a funny little girl :)

Hope you appreciated all the extra stuff today! I've got a lot left to share yet, so be sure to flutter back soon! 

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