October 20, 2011


So it's not later yet (I still have a ton of studying to do) but this idea has been brewing for days now and I had to get it out so I could concentrate on my studies better. I'm going to print a swatchbook with the same page repeated over and over, and then take it apart to make Christmas ornaments to hang on the gifts I give away this year! Cool idea right? And the ornaments will come to only a little over a buck a piece once I embellish them a little.

Well, here's the design I cam up with. It's by no means final yet, but I'm really liking the style so far. Isn't it adorable! In order to create this I made the front of the ornament on the "back" of the swatchbook page, that way the hole punch will be in the upper left hand corner. Then the front of the page is my basic ornament back. I plan to embellish it with some of SU adhesive pearls over the placeholders I have now. Then I'll hang it on one of the fancy lace ribbons, and Wa-La, a beautiful antique style homemade ornament. Hopefully all my friends and family will love it!

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