October 31, 2011

MDS Contest

They announced the finalists on mydigitalstudio.net today- so sad I'm not amongst them again this year. I thought I had a really good shot too! My submissions each took a couple of hours to put together (and I normally do not spend that many hours on a page or a card). Oh well.
However, since I am still very proud of my works of art I'm gonna show them of to all of you lovely folks :)  First, I made a fall themed scrapbook page with my little pumpkin. Note the punched out pictures that line up along the right side- cool right?!

Then my second submission was a wedding day card. I was trying to recreate the look of a wrapped bouquet- do you like what I came up with? This has so many pieces in it- each flower is comprised of six different part, and that's not even counting the rest of card.

Both of these projects forced me to complete part of the project, export it, and then bring it back in through a punch (or multiple punches). In the card I did this to create the wrapped look of the stem, and in the scrapbook page I used this technique to create the pile of leaves and sticks. I'll post the step by step instructions later.
Hope you enjoyed my creations as much as I did!

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