July 20, 2017

Creative Inking Blog Hop: Two Step Stamping

Welcome to the Creative Inking Blog Hop!

This month we are talking about two step stamping. Don't worry, this technique has nothing to do with dancing ;)

In two step stamping, you need two (or more stamps) to create a final single image. Sometime this requires two colors as well- like a stem and a flower. Other times you can use a single color with one version stamped off on scratch paper first in order to get a lighter shade- like with some of our watercolor look stamps that have an outline and a fill stamp.

It just so happens that my card today uses both types of two step stamping. And to do this I chose the Daisy Delight stamp set. Now before anyone says "But the punch isn't available right now?" I want to say "So What!" I actually fell in love with this stamp set way before I even thought about getting the punch. It has some beautiful flower images in it- perfect for making wildflower scenes. Personally, I think the punch is kinda neat... but the stamp set is what I really wanted!!! Not to mention the gorgeous matching paper- when you combine those two who needs a punch.

See! Isn't it a beautiful card- and no punch in sight :) Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now. But seriously, so pretty right?!

The yellow daisy flowers require stamping twice in the same color. The first time you do the ink 'full strength' for the outline image. Then use the fill image and stamp once on scrap paper before stamping again over the outline. It gives the flowers a nice watercolor-y fill.

Then, all the flowers require two step stamping for the stems vs. flowers. There are three different pairs in this set: the daisy (3 stamps), the little buds, and the spear flowers. The stems for that last set can also be used on their own to look like grasses. So many possibilities here!

Last thing I want to talk about- did you notice the fun fold?! I started with a standard card base, but cut half of the front off. Then I used our circle framelits (the two largest sizes) to create the little flower flap on the right hand side. Just attach to the back of the card, or between the inside layer and the card back as I did above.

Just be careful when writing or adding more stamped designs inside that they are only on the portions that are covered when the card is closed :)

Hope you enjoyed today's two step stamping techniques (and fun fold). Flutterby again soon!

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stillstamping said...

Love your wildflower stamping and the unique card layout!

Lynn Streifert said...

Awesome card Amber! I love your fun fold and gorgeous stamping! TFS!!

Linda Bauwin said...

WOW Awesome card I love creative fold cards this is very stunning. Thanks for sharing

eam said...

Pretty card!